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As passionate vapers ourselves, we wanted to know what actually goes into big brand e-liquids (namely outside EU brands), what kind of safeguards are really in place in the manufacturing and ingredients in these liquids we are vaping.

We asked ourselves what kind of research do they do into toxicology? We wanted to find out about hygiene safeguards and the like. We did not find out much from two of the biggest e-liquid manufacturers at all. In fact they were quite secretive and not at all forthcoming to our questions. Perhaps they thought we wanted to steal their secrets, we dont know, but we do know is that we ought to know what goes in it!

Our own research lead us to Atmos Labs bases and flavours. Atmos is the Greek word for steam.

We have found what we believe to the best E-Liquid Manufacturer and VapeMania is very proud to be the first company in Romania to become an official distributor and bring to you world leading High End E-Liquids & DIY Mixology solutions by Atmos Lab in Greece.

You really have to try it to believe it!

So whats so special?

We would describe Atmos Labs as a manufacturer who is at the leading edge of their field, pioneering in research and development with outstanding quality & hygiene controls.

They are a manufacturer that actually cares about morals and is open about what goes into the liquids and with which grades. They are at the forefront of research into toxicology with the University of Greece and have their end products tested by the University independently on a monthly basis.

More about Atmos Lab:

atmos lab mist e-liquid base

Atmos Lab are the first Eliquid Laboratory that is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 international manufacturing standards. They are located in Athens, Greece.

Atmos Lab, established in 2011 has became very world renowned for the Fine Quality of ready-to-vape eliquids and DIY bases and flavours. They only use the finest quality of raw materials, most of which is soley sourced from the EU (excluding fragrances from the Americas and Australia).

All products are the result of hard work upon quality control checks. All the production process of raw material mixing is done by hand (Hand Made) which differentiates them from the automatic production process where mixing levels of raw materials are unknown if they have saturated the other ingredients sufficiently. The result, a far superior taste and blend controlled by the supervision of the management of Atmos Lab excerting zero tolerance of errors and double checked at the end of the process, the strict hygiene Atmos Lab is the biggest brand name in DIY liquids in Greece and recently has started to sell products in the European Union as people more and more are demanding assurances in research and fine quality.

Quality control of products is a very important point for Atmos Lab. Atmos Lab is the ONLY E-Liquid Manufacturer to take part in the largest ever Eliquid Analysis Program which lasts 3 years.

The white papers from the Toxicology Laboratory of Medical School in the University of Thessaly and Crete (Greece) are currently the most informative research into vaping in the world and although have provided very positive news for vapers, were able to identify two potentially harmful components.

Every month, Toxicology Laboratory of the Medical School in the University of Thessaly and Crete analyze Atmos Labs products to evaluate the standards of providing TSNAs free and PAHs free products. These are two components known to be carcinogens, the elements which can lead to cancer.

Atmos Labs have taken stable steps in the ecig market and as a result, have grown into a totally reliable company offering only quality vaping products.

All Atmos Labs flavours are strictly made in EU by European manufacturers, just because Atmos Lab believes that EU has a great control system and strict health regulations concerning the consumers safety.

Atmos Lab uses extra fine raw materials which are strictly EU made (not imported by a company in EU, but EU made by European manufacturers). The purity of Atmos Lab vegetable glycerol, propylene glycol and nicotine is far greater than the common pharmaceutical limits (EP-BP-USP-JP). As a company collects the purest raw materials to have the best quality in its products.

Atmos Lab's products labelling conforms to 1272/2008 EC and REACH. Every flavour is food grade according to 1334/2008 Ee and GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by FEMA. That means, they are food approved flavours, and someone can add them in his drinks without any problem.

Atmos Lab's bases are packaged in 100 ml PET bottles having childproof-tamper evident cap plus inner aluminium foil to keep them totally fresh. They are produced from PG (99,7% min.purity) and VG (99,9% min.purity) adding Nicotine (99,9% min.purity).

Atmos Lab's plastic packages (bottles) have been passed migration test successfully in accordance to 10/2011 EC.

Atmos Lab flavours

atmos lab ouzo e-liquid flavor concentrate

Atmos Lab's flavours are packaged in glass, sterilised bottles, having inner dropper, for ease of use. The bottles are labelled according to 1272/2008 EC, and all the sensitising compounds (e.g. benzyl alcohol, linalool) are written on the bottle. Every solvent used for the flavour is written too. Great care has been taken for informing the vaper to avoid the usual clearomizer cracks caused by benzyl alcohol solvents in flavours.

All flavours are highly concentrated and the dilution percentage is written on the bottle of flavour too. Usually the dilution percentage does not exceed 5-6% at most and some of them they need only 1-2% like Green Apple, Mint etc.

Atmos Lab certificates

See all the certificates of Atmos Lab bases and flavors on our blog: http://blog.vapemania.ro/2014/04/certificates-and-analysis-of-atmos-lab.html

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